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Do you have what it takes to be a Full Stack Web Developer?

Join our Bucharest development center…and we are very sure that from now on YOU WILL:

  • Have a real, Silicon Valley like experience (read more about MavenHut here)
  • Develop, from beginning to end, games that will be played by millions
  • Work in a talented team (see here)
  • Be part of pizza Friday every week
  • Play & movie area (Xbox, PS4, board games, remote controlled cars and helicopters and more)
  • Benefit from medical insurance within a private clinic
  • Have good salary

Passionate about GAMES, fun to work with – team player, proactive, self-organized and detail oriented!

Creative, sharp and practical at the same time, are your SPECIAL POWERS.

Since you want to create fun games and to make our players’ experience a perfect one, you will work closely with other awesome Product Managers, Developers and Graphic Designers.

You must have a open mind towards new technologies when the situation requires it, to get your hands dirty in each one and most importantly to understand how a web application gets done from a concept to design to the finished product.

Analyzing and troubleshooting issues and defects in environments as well as performance or design inefficiencies must be part of your mindset.


Building online games and applications to be used by millions of users
Troubleshoot, debug, and solve challenging technical issues
Help scale games as user base grow to millions of users

You GAINED these POWERS having experience on multiple fronts:

Back-end tech:  
Web servers: Nginx
Programming language: PHP, NodeJS
Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, SQL / JSON in general

Front-end tech:

jQuery, etc.
AJAX, JSON, XML, WebSocket

Web development tools:

Version control: Git
Virtualization: Docker, VirtualBox
Continuous Integration: Jenkins

System administration:

Linux and basic shell scripting
Cloud computing: Amazon, Digital Ocean.
Caching: Memcached, APC / OpCache
Monitoring: Nagios, New Relic

Bring examples of personal project !
We shall be waiting your application and a personal or teamwork portfolio at jobs@mavenhut.com: