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Sit on the Senior Game Producer comfy seat!

Join our Bucharest development center…and we are very sure that from now on YOU WILL:

  • Have a real, Silicon Valley like experience (read more about MavenHut here)
  • Develop, from beginning to end, games that will be played by millions
  • Work in a talented team (see here)
  • Be part of pizza Friday every week
  • Play & movie area (Xbox, PS4, board games, remote controlled cars and helicopters and more)
  • Benefit from medical insurance within a private clinic
  • Have good salary



The ability of dealing with Ambiguity. There are no instructions on how to be a successful Producer. Make use of your instincts, previous experience, and team in order to identify, assess, and solve problems quickly and frequently!
Previous experience as a Producer of minimum 3 years
Successful track record in the development of high profile entertainment and software products
Strong knowledge of the game market and platforms
Analytic and organized. You never let anything fall through the cracks. You are clear and concise
Ambition to get your game into the spotlight of an extremely competitive and dynamic market


You GAINED these POWERS having:

Acting as Project Manager of the development team
Using metrics to back-up most of your decisions
Performing competition analyses and suggesting new features in order to drive the product to the Top
Clearly communicating tasks and game updates to the entire team
Planning, prioritizing and following-up the game development process
Identifying problems in advance and driving creative solutions
Driving the implementation of new features that make the game fun and profitable


We shall be waiting your application and a personal or teamwork portfolio at