[NEWS] Top 100 Money Makers on Facebook for Solitaire Arena

Solitaire Arena, the game we launched last year, has reached Top 100 in Top Grossing Apps on Facebook. That, on itself, might not sound extraordinary, but it should change once you know that there are millions of apps for Facebook (games or not). A year ago, when we launched the game, there were about 9 million apps on Facebook (source).

To add context, Solitaire Arena is ranking higher than games like Angry Birds Starwars, Bubble Island (by Wooga) or 8 Ball (from MiniClip – a game with more than 10 million active users). And this is even better looking when you take into consideration that our game has only 10 months since the official launch and start of monetization.

Besides good monetization, Solitaire is actually highly reviewed by our players, being the second on the list of Top Rated Card games on Facebook. This shows that monetization was built with the player experience in mind, this being our most important indicator: people should love the game and come back to play it.

Some other interesting metrics:

– most Solitaire Arena players are from the United States of America
– over 620,000,000 games played (we are waiting for the billion!)
– since the 1st of January 2013 our players played more than 2,000,000 days in the game. If you put it in years that would be about 5500 years. Lots of time!

Finally, if you’ve never heard of Solitaire Arena before, go here and play the game.


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